Image credit: Laura May Grogan and Helen Grogan.

Performance lecture as part of Helen Grogan’s SPECIFIC IN-BETWEEN (The choreographic negotiated in six parts)
PART 2. Between thing and event
22 October, 2014
Discursive event and performance 
Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

‘Discursive and performative works are enacted by Benjamin Woods and Geoff Robinson. Both artists incorporate approaches to ‘doing’ or ‘enacting’ as means for presenting their ideas. Benjamin Woods shifts between a research paper and bodily and perceptual demonstrations, and Geoff Robinson structures a situation in which performance is a means for articulating live decision-making. Consistent with his on-going practice of overlaying sites, Robinson uses Gallery 1 as the material site to enact processes central to his work. This event involves the performative participation of Helen Grogan, through the invitation and direction of Geoff Robinson and Benjamin Woods.’

Image: Benjamin Woods, widen, subtract, warm, cool, observe out, computer drawing from action improvisation with Megan Dennis and Benjamin Woods for the project exfoliated by the world, presented at Fort Delta, June 2014.